Mark Jones & Omine Ivatt

AUT, NZ - Lecturer, Outdoor Education

Workshop title: "The Fire within"

Since time immemorial fire has been an integral part of the human experience. As human beings we have an inherent fascination with fire and the focal point and ambience of the campfire can enhance relations not only between individuals but also with nature. The ability to kindle flame using friction brings a primal satisfaction that is hard to exceed and Omine Ivatt has developed a number of adaptions to the traditional bow and drill method making success almost guaranteed for student groups. For team building outcomes he has found that fire by friction is a powerful medium. Producing flame from coordinated effort inevitably requires students to display cooperation, communication perseverance, tenacity, and self-belief.
The workshop will begin with the Maori legend of Maui and Mahuika. The traditional narrative describes how certain trees came to hold the potential to produce flame and the session will attempt to do just that. Learn how to unlock the fire within by taking part in this practical workshop delivered by two passionate outdoor educators.

Personal Bios: Mark Jones lecturer in the field of outdoor education at AUT University. He has been an outdoor practitioner for more than 30 years, and instructed and lectured as an outdoor educator for 25 of those. One of his interests areas is the value of crafting as an educational tool. His experiences support crafting as a powerful medium to enhance a wide range of student learning events in the outdoors.

Omine Ivatt is the Steve Irwin of New Zealand outdoor education. He offers outdoor learning for schools and community groups through the Craft Lab and the Educators Tool-Kit. Omine is passionate about crafting as an educational medium and excited about sharing his knowledge and skills.

Mark Jones and Omine Ivatt The Fire Within