Kate Broughton

Ngunguru, NZ - Food & Lifestyle Coach

Workshop title: "Food is Elemental."

There may be more information than ever to reveal the mysteries of life, health and harmony, and yet the simple act of feeding ourselves is as confusing as ever! As we attempt to slow the pace of our fast paced lives we must not forget our food!

What we eat affects our ability to think and manage our behaviour. What we eat nourishes our future. Both ours and our planets. How foods are introduced to children lays a powerful foundation for their relationship with what and how they eat.

Together we explore ways to foster our childrens involvement in their food. To provide positive sensory based experiences using whole plant foods. We discover ways to mix food into the curriculum to help broaden their understanding and connection with the sacred cycle of life.

Let's return to the pleasure of eating. The savouring. And bring our mindful attention to the simple art of eating well.

Personal Bios - Kate is a food and lifestyle coach. She has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. A mother and former nurse Kate works with people to enhance their well-being through food + daily habits.

Kate Broughton