Helle Nebelong

Denmark - Danish Landscape Architect and Master of Public Management - natural playgrounds

Workshop title: "Appropriate Space?"

This workshop discusses how we are influenced by the space we are in and which spaces we choose to be in depending on our choices and mood.
We are all different and experience spaces differently. Depending on physical facts as the size and the design of the place, but also our mental state, influence how a place is experienced. There are closed spaces that make us feel safe or claustrophobic, spaces that open up to the world around us, open spaces where everything is uncovered and spaces of infinity. All spaces can be experienced physically and mentally and either positively or negatively. We will share knowledge and experience on how spaces can stimulate and strengthen children's development.

Personal Bios Helle is a key pioneer of the natural playground movement and internationally recognized for her special philosophy and as a designer of nature play spaces where children thrive.
Based on her renowned playground design in Copenhagen celebrated Landscape Architect and author Helle Nebelong will share her focus on why it's essential that children are connected with nature and allowed to play not only in the so called 'risk-free', standardized playgrounds, which simplify play and teaches children a wrong lesson according to Nebelong. To prepare children to manage life and be strong, social and resilient individuals they need to practice in natural and asymmetrical playscapes. Helle will share her design ideas with asymmetrically shaped elements that forces children to develop the kinaesthetic sense used to find out how to move your body in a space, estimating distances, heights and risks. You will be surprised to learn that the recipe to draw children into adventures, exploration and imagination-driven free play is quite simple!

Helle Nebelong Appropriate Space