Geoff Fugle & Lucia Swagerman

Open Spaces Preschool, Whangarei, NZ - ECE Teacher

Workshop title: "Cheap Space: creating your dream outdoors environment."

This workshop offers you the chance to explore Open Spaces Preschool where we have worked hard to build a nature-rich environment on the smell of an oily rag. We will discuss as teachers our rationale for design and how, as keen DIY'ers, we did it. We want to inspire you to turn your Space Magazine wish list into reality!

Personal Bios - Geoff is a lead educator at Open Spaces Preschool with a 'previous life' spent in construction, landscaping and design.
Lucia is an educator, the lead gardener at Open Spaces and a keen proponent of DIY.

Geoff Fugle and Lucia Swagerman