David Spraggs

Gisborne, NZ - ECE Teacher, Consultant

Workshop title: "Earth, wind, fire (& water) - A disco eva band or is it something more?"

Elemental Beings - We are driven by deeply seated urges. These urges are connected to the elements. As teachers are we providing enough connection to these inner urges? David will explore these

Personal Bios - David's passion is in provoking teachers to do more, and be more, when it comes to our children. Doing more sometimes means "doing less".
He is very focussed on sustainable practices and has had a number of opportunities to play in the woods in Europe.

He grew up with a father who believed that you teach your children skills and allow them the opportunity to utilise them. This comes through in his teaching.

David is married with four children and has been a teacher in ECE for the last 33 years. David founded his company "Early Childhood Science Experiences and Consultancy" over 20 years ago after seeing a need in ECE in New Zealand surrounding high quality professional development and sourcing equipment that could be used in ECE for science education.

David Spraggs