Programme 2023

FRIDAY – 17th November

1.00pm Registrations open. Camp set up.
2.15pm Gather for Mihi Whakatau (Meet at Redwood Log Cabin at the camping/registrations area)
2.30pm Mihi Whakatau
3.30pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm Introductions
4.30pm Keynote Address: Wiremu Matthews
5.30pm Team Building Activity (1.5hrs)
7.30pm Dinner

SATURDAY 18th November

8.45am Main Marquee – Spot Prizes
9.00am Keynote Address: Jase Te Patu
10.30am Stall Holder Meet & Greet (Market Stalls open 10.30am – 2pm)
10.45am Morning Tea
11.30am Workshops – No. 1 (1.5 hrs)
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Keynote Address: Rachel Maia
3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm Workshops – No. 2 (1.5 hrs)
5.00pm – 6.30pm Soul Time
7.00pm Dinner
8.00pm Entertainment

SUNDAY 19th November

8.45am Main Marquee spot prizes
09.00am Keynote Address: Kimberley Crisp
10.00am Morning Tea
10:30am Workshops – No. 3 (1.5 hrs)
12.00pm Closing Ceremony

This programme is subject to change at any time.