Keynotes 2022

Annie White
Frday 7pm: Dr. Annie White, California, USA
California State University Channel Islands

Personal Bio: Dr. Annie White is an Associate Professor with the Early Childhood Studies program at California State University Channel Islands in the USA. Annie is part of an innovative program where Learning Stories are used as the primary assessment approach and is a passionate advocate that incorporates this method in her university courses, including student practicum, student “My Stories”, study abroad, and as part of communityservice learning. Annie has expanded writing Learning Stories to adults in naturalistic settings, including fellow long distance hikers along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Keynote Title: Sojourners Voices Along the Pacific Crest Trail
Not all those who wander are lost (Tolkien, 1954). Long-distance hikers experience interdependence, independence and solitude in the hiking experience, along with social interactions, relatedness, and social cohesion. The long-distance hiking experience creates a unique social world, can lead to expanding perspectives and enhanced personal growth and benefits include healthy lifestyles, a greater sense of community, and increased quality of life. Using ethnographic research methods, in the remote, naturalistic setting of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), data was collected to learn about the social interactions and the impact of long distance hiking. The PCT spans 2,650 miles in the United States, bridging Mexico to Canada. With persistence and many obstacles, data was collected and Learning Stories were written to fellow hikers. Using the Learning Stories approach to tell the stories of others was profound and has deepened the understanding that learning takes place within and outside of typical classroom settings.

Dr Kelsie Prabawa-Sear
Saturday 9am: Dr Kelsie Prabawa-Sear, Noongar Wadjuk Country, Perth, Western Australia
Nature Play WA

Personal Bio: Dr Kelsie Prabawa-Sear is the CEO of Nature Play Australia and Nature Play WA. Kelsie combines her love of learning and sharing through research and practice and has worked in the environmental education space across Western Australia and Indonesia with the aim of achieving best possible outcomes for communities and the natural environment. Kelsie’s PhD explored the impact of culture on environmental education and she is an advocate for children's voice and inclusivity in all her work.

Keynote Title: The evolution of the Nature Play movement – where to next and who’s invited?
There has been significant evolution in the Nature Play space. The pandemic has highlighted how important our connection to and time in nature is for kids (and adults) across the globe. The relationship between children’s connection to nature and their health outcomes is a growing area of research that has implications for every aspect of the childhood experience, including education and care. This keynote looks at where we have come from, where we are venturing, and how we can work to bring everyone along for the play.

Cam Calkoen
Saturday 1pm: Cam Calkoen, Auckland, Aotearoa NZ
Cam Calkoen Ltd

Personal Bio: Cam ‘That Awesome Guy’ Calkoen believes in a world where everyone is inspired to embrace their opportunity. Where our reality is no barrier in succeeding with our dreams, goals, aspirations and purpose. Cam’s dreams have seen him taking his two biggest perceived weaknesses (the way he walks and talks) and turning them into his two biggest strengths, travelling … entertaining and connecting all over our world.
What’s the one thing you can do after the conference that will significantly enhance your dreams?

Keynote Title: Dream Big Achieve More
Awesomeness is one’s ability to not simply survive but thrive. The very nature of aspiring to live each and every day to a personal best level and beyond one’s self enables the seemingly impossible to occur. Cam demonstrates his shift in mindset from a heavy can’t do anything perception to a can do anything reality and the realisation that ‘If it’s meant to be…it’s up to me’.

Tanya Batt
Sunday 9am: Tanya Batt, Waiheke Island, Aotearoa NZ
Imagined Worlds

Personal Bio: Tanya Batt is a self-confessed story-o-phile and frock-o-holic whose home is on the Awaawaroa Eco Village on Waiheke Island, Hauraki Gulf. She is a seed sower, a word warbler and story stitcher who channelled her childhood propensity for talking and her love of dressing up into a real ‘imaginary job’. Stories have put food on her table and a roof over her head for thirty years enabling her to share her mahi in over 20 countries. She is the creative director of the ‘Once Upon An Island Charitable Trust’ that uses storytelling for community building, environmental and cultural education.

Keynote Title: Mary Bumby’s Hive of Story
A prophecy, a hive of story and plenty of cross pollination. Meet Mary Bumby, Aotearoa’s honey bee pioneer, returned to earth to re-awaken the bee-ing in humans. A high interactive and humorous excursion into a world where Apis Mellifera, New Zealand’s past & future, meet to make something sticky and sweet.