Keynotes 2017

Tim Gill
Tim Gill, London, UK
Writer, researcher and advocate & consultant on childhood

Tim Gill is an independent researcher, writer and consultant based in London, UK. He is interested in children's everyday lives and the changing nature of childhood, with a focus on children's play and free time. His work cuts across education, child care, recreation, planning and urban design, and speaks to decision makers, academics, commentators, practitioners and the wider public.

Tim's book No Fear: Growing up in a risk-averse society was published in 2007. He holds a degree in philosophy and psychology from Oxford University and a master's degree in philosophy from London University. In 2009 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Edge Hill University.
Tim is a former director of the Children's Play Council (now Play England) and in 2002 he was seconded to Whitehall to lead the UK government's first comprehensive review into children's play. He writes for the mainstream media, trade and academic publications, appears regularly on radio and television, and is in global demand as a public speaker and workshop facilitator.

Dr. Jackie Blunt
Dr. Jackie Blunt, Christchurch, New Zealand
Brainwave presenter, GP, health coach

Dr Jackie Blunt is a GP, health coach, qigong (which is like tai chi) and relaxation teacher, parent and Brainwave presenter. Jackie has been working with a wide variety of people in New Zealand and overseas in her twenty plus years as a family doctor, and has always been interested in new ways of making sense of human life, and helping people find better ways of being healthier and happier. She has been a teacher and presenter both nationally and internationally in family medicine, and holistic health. Jackie was inspired to become a Brainwave presenter and help other New Zealanders gain access to this vital information. She hopes it will give all kiwi kids a much greater chance to do well in life and be happy.

Ihirangi Heke
Dr. Ihirangi Heke, (Waikato / Tainui) New Zealand
Health and Physical education consultant. PG DipSci Environmental Management, M.Ed, Ph.D.

Dr. Ihi Heke is currently a health & physical education consultant working with Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), University of Auckland and the New Zealand Ministries of Education and Health. Dr Heke previously held roles at the School of Physical Education at the University of Otago and Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia. Dr Heke is also a sport psychology consultant to New Zealand Sport, a swim coach and a motocross and mountain bike specialist.

Dr Heke recently wrote the Atua Matua M?ori Environmental Framework that has been gaining recognition globally in locations such as Ireland, Canada and the US. Dr Heke is a strong supporter of mountain and river connections that can be converted into traditional physical activity and training opportunities suggesting that gains in health can be incidental outcomes that begin with connections to the environment.

Vicki Wilson
Vicki Wilson, Northland, New Zealand
Top NZ show jumper, horse trainer and educator of children

Vicki Wilson has always had a passion for riding horses and started her career in an unorthodox fashion at 3 years old, riding and training the family sheep. A few decades on, Vicki is one of New Zealand's most successful and well-respected show jump riders, being known for her competitive edge and her ability to produce happy horses.

She has a strong philosophy based on producing happy horses who love their work, and takes a holistic approach to horse welfare. Vicki (alongside her sisters Kelly and Amanda ) has become widely known for her work with wild horses, having tamed and advocated for the plight of New Zealand's wild Kaimanawas, the American Mustangs and more recently the legendary Australian Brumbies.

Vicki influences thousands of NZ children each year through their Showtym horse camps throughout NZ, which encourage children to get outside, down and dirty in nature. She has an innate gift to assist and inspire all children to find their talents and follow their dreams, to take risks and dream big.