Nature Education Network Delegate's feedback

"My team has been attending for 7 years in a row. Being new to the team gives us all the opportunity and experience for team bonding and learning together."

"Planting the seed for a forest of change to occur in ECE and the world."

"This conference vibrated with love, thank you. I've never been moved to tears so many times!"

"A relaxed learning environment. Great meeting new people on the same journey."

"The event has a very special feel. It is super-well organised and facilitated but alongside this professional feel there is a deep sensation of connection and love. It is clear that the organising team operate with love and respect for each other, with empathy and trust. All the things that the event itself is trying to bring to nature education. Thank you for an excellent gathering of souls."

"A worthwhile experience. Great networking and team building in a learning environment that inspires!"

"An inspiring cross between professional and personal development and an outdoor festival."

"I think the conference has made me a better person, mother and educator. It has taught me to slow down, to engage all my senses, to listen and learn from nature, others and most importantly our tamariki. I’m so thankful for the unique experience of being with such wonderful people and in such a fabulous setting. The Natural Phenomena Conference was inspiring, enriching and thought provoking, and I hope that my experience will enhance my ability as an educator. I feel very passionate that nature is a crucial part of children’s development and the conference has fueled and supported my vision to ensure all children have access to nature-based learning."

"If you want to come to a place where you learn and connect with all your senses, learn practical knowledge & skills, find joy and playful opportunities in nature, and find ways to encourage and enrich our tamariki with this way of being then The Natural Phenomena Conference is it!"

"An amazing outdoor education learning experience in the outdoors and a retreat rolled into one."

"A magical natural space to be amongst and ground oneself whilst expanding our minds and practices."